Hark the Herald Java Sings..

Somewhere in a small African village, a farmer toils. His weathered hands deftly manipulate his tools that caress the land producing the most exotic of produces.


‘Bar 9’, Adelaide; Leica M7, Kodak Tri-X

Thousands of kilometres away in a small coffee shop I sit down to enjoy the fruits of his labour. The vanilla bean and raspberry sweetness strikes my palette leaving behind a crisp lingering finish. I order another..

Record Store, Adelaide; Leica M7 JCH Streetpan

I look up and notice a vacant space where the record shop used to be. I feel momentary loss for the departed and regret not purchasing more frequently from their analogue ‘smorgasbord’.

My attention is brought back to the items on my table.

‘Little Bean Blue’ Melbourne; Leica M7, Kodak TMax

Bulk rolled HP5+ nestles securely within my Leica M7 set to ISO 1600 to extract from my cloudy surroundings maximum contrast and speed. It’s been a number of weeks since I have intentially set out to explore my much loved backwater city. It’s overly familiar streets and landmarks ready for exploration.

‘Coffee Institute, Adelaide; Leica M7 Kodak Tri-X

I finish my coffee.

With both my camera and body fully loaded with the necessary components for photographing, I bid the baristas a short farewell and head out on my urban safari.


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