New Spectacles..

Why did superman choose to use something as ordinary as glasses to hide his identity from the world?

Adelaide; Leica M7, JCH Streetpan

Surely the populous would be visually equipped to see through the rather ordinary approach of such thinly veiled disguise as a pair of spectacles. Or does Superman know more about the human character than we are perhaps lead to believe? An alien who can fly, shoot beams of heat from his eyes, freeze an entire lake with his breath, and demonstrate an incredible amount of strength surely couldn’t appear so.. ordinary.

Yet it’s the ordinary, and somewhat clumsy, that makes the transformation from alien to human seem believable.

Can the opposite be applied perhaps? Can the ordinary be transformed into extraordinary with a simple swapping out of the wardrobe?

Wanting to boost my creativity and approach to photography, I decided to invent a photographer; give him a back story, a philosophy, genre and style of taking pictures that was different to my actual approach of image recording.

Surfers Paradise; M7, Tri-X


Armed with a Leica and a roll of film, I stepped out into my backwater city wearing a new pair of proverbial spectacles to capture my world. Placing myself within a new frame of thinking forced me to see things differently. My thinking started to change, my outlook started changing, and subsequently, my images started changing.

Melbourne; M7, TMax
Melbourne; M7, TriX


Welcome to the transformation of my reinvented self. May the journey be frought with excitement, newness, danger and risk. ..and perhaps a little world saving thrown in the mix.

Adelaide; M3, Tri-X
Sydney; M7, TriX
Adelaide; M7, TriX
Adelaide; M7, JCH Streetpan
Canberra; M7, Tri-X

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